Pikasso - Intimacy

Dear renoise community and developers,

Thanks for the awesome program in which I tracked my EP ‘Intimacy.’ Please, have my source files:


Unfortunately, I’ve lost the source for Kraken on my old computer, and it was lucky I had a copy of the master around. It was tracked in renoise, though.

In order to hear all the songs properly, you’ll need the Chamberverb from Cycling 74, some bass and drums from Olga and Kore Player’s free Christmas Pack this year, and an open mind. Of course, you could just replace the instruments with compatible drumkits and effects with the built-ins or whatever plugins you have lying around, and I’m sure it’ll sound alright.

Just sharing my process with y’all, since y’all are always so open to share with each other and that has helped me a lot. :)



cool that you share your songs :] but… too much trouble to listen… i admit,im might be lazy… how bout some mp3’s ?

I am putting it out to stores, so mp3 sharing from me would be a bit silly, but you can stream the entire thing from my bandcamp page.