Pilot7 - Ep2

pilot7 - ep2

01 skyhigh
02 happening
03 walk on baby
04 point zero

hope you like. :]


I love it. Really!

Dude… do you have an inspiration impulse or what?! Great stuff like usual :yeah:

Walk on Baby :dribble:

\ :D/

wow… seems i got over 100 downloads… and 2 feedbacks… i dunno what that means… but i cant say it makes me smile. heh. well no use to pitty myself :D … i better return to finishing the next ep

floats away

good stuff! :walkman:

Very nice…i like those beats. skyhigh rulez da pack.

Good stuff, as usual :)

dude, if I wasn’t downloading already, this would make me! :lol:

When I was making this post, I downloaded both your EP’s, and I’ll get back to you here about my listening experience. Thank you very much. :)

I just listened to them while being out, so I don’t have real feedback, and I generally suck at that… really, I admire people who give reviews and such… but I liked it lots, that much I can tell you!!

@pilot7: All right, I listened to all the songs of the two EP’s, and here’s my feedback:

Freeflight - like the ruthless beats, and your skillful e-piano playing :D

Stealth - it’s a shame I don’t hear this type of music a lot, online or on hard copy. I’m a big fan of the mid-1990s electronic music scene. Don’t get offended, but your song reminds me of a lot of stuff WARP Records put out in 1995 and 1996, pretty much…In other words, great stuff. It’s got powerful pads, and the beat is funky. ;)

Promnesia - like the odd intro…I’m into experimental music! However, some of the time-stretching put me off.

Happening - nice pulse-width-modulated synths! And the beat…it’s time to dance! :D

Walk on Baby - I don’t know, I would replace one of the parts with a brush-like FM synth. The textures are quite odd. It bothers me just a bit how this song steadily gets louder…but I’m sure you have mastering compression down pat. ;)

Generally, I like your first EP better because you have manuevers going on in there that I agree with. Still, I’m impressed because you’re generous and prolific. ;)

thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts FranciscooC !! it does help :]

hah… well what can i say… i was honest though… so i guess it ok then ;]

A very SOLID 4 track ep of dance music in with an experimental twist. Lot’s of audio filigree for the couch listener as well.
Favorite tracksx are skyhigh and happening

downloaded this ages ago, finally getting around to listening, very nice, my favorite = walk on baby, they’re all tasty though :)

Whats Happened to your website… I want to listen to the ep!

mmd maintenance going on… funny :)

But luckily I downloaded the ep days ago already and I can say it’s-a-good!

media fire maybe? if pilot 7 don’t mind??? i have developed an obsession rivaled to ocd for this thing…

ah, whoops, yes, i forgot it used some weird link, fixed it now…

DOWNLOAD: http://pilot7.eu/uploads/pilot7_ep2.zip