Pilot7 - Ep3


01: bzzbzz
02: kicks
03: leafs brown
04: ant attack
05: lalala

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so yeah… i promised myself to do a mini ep thingy every few weeks now… results may vary :ph34r: … still… i do like the bite-size result for this month enough to post it ;]


fantastic work in “bzzbzz”
i like the sample in the background

would u wanna do a remix trade off?

like u remix one my trackz and i remix one of yours

“Kicks” would mostly like be the one i wanna remix … i really like this one …

that would be sweet… i will sent pm later, thanks for checking it out

Had a quick listen at work on headphones. Liked bzzbzz, liked kicks more, enjoyed leafs brown, and still need to listen to the rest. Will do it on proper speakers tomorrow and report back.

I like your idea of an EP every few weeks, something I should do to keep me productive…

Lalala has the most potential of becoming something. Leafs brown has enough variation but lacks the catchy thing.
In general the experimental level is great, but the contents are too flat and monotone imho.
SkyHigh represents a much more interesting level of endurability than these five tracks.

hehe… thanks. … yes, this ep was all about little experiments, nothing to take too serious, i agree :]