Pitch Analysing Software, Tuning Drums?


Is there any such thing?, if found a few vst “tuner” plugins but drum hits are so fast/short that s its not possibly to determine the tune or hz

or how to get the drums in tune, any suggestions?


Usually - especially with synthetic percussion - there should be some part of the sound which you can base your tuning on; something that clearly looks like a cycling waveform such as a sine, square, sawtooth, etc., or some other type of repetetive quality.

Then what I personally do is loop that particular section, allowing me to play sustained notes which I can use to manually tune it by ear.

Or you could also play this sustained note through your normal VST tuner, allowing it more time to analyse the sound.

A very obvious kick drum example:

Another example using the repetetive attack portion of a clap sound:

If you cannot spot these obvious looping portions - if the sound is simply too noisy or random - then it’s probably not even worth your time to try and tune them.

I usually only bother to tune the kick drum anyway. For the rest of the stuff - if it sounds good then just go for it!



cool, thanx