Pitch Bend Automation In Nexus

Hey - does anyone know how to automate pitch bend in Nexus?
I am able to use 91 XXYY commands in the effects column, but I want higher resolution.

The Nexus manual says it supports pitch bend messages.

I tried the Automation Device, but was unable to find a pitch bend parameter in the list.

Tried using the CC device, but not sure if pitch bend even has a CC code, and if so what it is.

Thanks in advance.

pitch bend does not have a CC message. at the moment, the 91 syntax is the only way to perform pitch bend, and I agree there should be a better solution.

the only alternate way you can try is to see if you can automate the pitch bend knob, if there is any in Nexus, and assign it to a MIDI CC message

I see.

It seems that the CC device should have (in addition to the freestyle CC events list) some of the common midi events, like pitch bend and modulation.

I am working around it by using some portamento settings.

Forgot to say thanks for replying :)

modulation is almost always CC#01, try with it.

Yeah, saw it in many midi implementation charts, when looking for the pitchbend CC.

It is a bit inconsistent that pitchbend does not have CC - I guess there are some historical reasons for that.

Well, pitchbend does not seem that much older than the Modulation wheel.
I wonder why the CC designer did not incorporate pitchbend…

So, is there any plan to add a pitchbend automation solution to Renoise?
As part of the CC Device, or the Send Device or as a standalone Pitchbend Device? (or otherwise?)

I have to just avoid using pitchbends now - the effect column’s resolution is insufficient for it.