Pitch bend / legato on Pattern editor ?

Hi folks this is a real annoyance of mine but I’ve never managed to get down to learning how to do pitch bends and legato phrases in the pattern editor - I usually just use the automation but can anyone provide an example of something simple for me to get to grips with please?

Everytime I read your name sir, I always think of this…

I also do via graph automation mostly. I know it is heresy in a tracker, but it works the best for me, also for the finder aspects of bends.

The classical tracker way would be…fire a note, then followed by a dummy “target” note with the glide “Gxx” command, the xx being the speed in hexadecimal. Now you can make lines with just the Gxx with speed, and on each of these lines the note will be pushed towards the last note that was together with a glide command. Also there are “Uxx” and “Dxx” which don’t use a target note, but just go up and down with a certain speed. Yes, it is hard to control exactly.

It is totally different from using graphical bends. I was musically born with fast tracker 2, and know the tracker way, but really like the graph bend way much better. What the tracker way can do specially is bending notes of the same instrument with different bends simultaneously. So one note up while at the same time another note down, and even other notes sty at their pitch, for example. Instead of bending the whole instrument.

You could also set up an interpolator (formula inertia) and a formula value translator linked into pitch modulation, and forge pattern commands that bend up and down for you smoothly (tick rate pitch updates). This would be hybrid style somehow, controlling absolute bends with pattern commands.