Pitch Bending Vsti's

is there a way to pitch bend vsti’s in renoise using on screen sliders and envelopes?

If the VSTI supports pitchbend as a parameter, you can use a VSTIAutomate device to perform it by selecting that parameter.
Usually, VSTI’s support pitchbend only through MIDI channels and the MIDICC device unfortunately does not support pitchbend value sending.
I’ve made a few attempts myself to figure out alternative ways.
The only current way is to use the pitchbend wheel and record the values in the pattern editor, either that or a different kind of VST plugin like the MIDICC device that performs this particular operation for you.

thanks for the replies.

i’ve googled for a while and i’m struggling to find a midi cc device-like vst that willallow me to alter pitch values. does anyone know of any? it would be great if there would be someway to bend notes over more than the value of a couple of semitones too, so if anyone knows of some way to do this, that’d be great.

many VST instruments allow for this, so it depends on which type of instrument you are searching for.
some examples which comes in my mind:

acoustic bass: Spectrasonics Trilogy
synth: Native Instruments Pro-53
multipuropose: Native Instruments Reaktor
sampler: Native Instruments Kontakt, IK Multimedia Sampletank
guitar: MusicLab RealGuitar
solo strings: Applied Acoustics Systems StringStrudio VS-1

my internet has been playing up so i’ve been offline for a while.

thanks for the reply It-Alien, but what i’m really after is some kind of vst plugin that will allow me to alter the pitch values with a slider for any program.

i do use reaktor quite a lot, so as a workaround i usually add an extra controller knob alongside the notepitch thingy inside the ensemble and use midi learn and then midi-cc device in renoise. however my reaktor skills aren’t really that good (read practically non-existent) and i can’t always figure out how to alter the pitch with some ensembles.

what would be really neat would be a little pitch-bend slider vst. what would be even better would be a vst like midi-cc device but instead of sliders, a little pad that you could drag ur mouse across so you could modulate x and y values at the same time. kind of like the pad thing you find on some midi keyboards like the novation remote series. does anyone know of any?

it certainly would make things easier.

i want a midi cc device x y on screen pad thing now as well tho.

Even even better a RNI device ;)

would be cool. maybe like your
(maybe with additional sliders)

any plans on adding this to the software, it’s really pretty annoying not being able to…

This is the #1 thing i miss with Renoise…

Using MidiCCDevice and VstiAutomateDevice on instruments that allow it, gives insufficient result, …far from smooth.

I don’t do any old school leads anymore because of the hassling with vibrato and pitchslides on VSTi… and yes, I am VERY lazy hehehe

What is needed in the VSTi SDK for it to be possible, if someone know the answer please let http://ygrabit.steinberg.de know ;)