Pitch Device

It would be nice to have a device which is similar to the Velocity Device, only it is controlled by the note and octave rather than the Velocity.

So, for example, I can set it so higher notes have a higher volume, or be panned to the right, or have a higher filter cutoff value and so on.

Some synths have such built in functionality (e.g. MASSIVE) and it is very useful.

May be very useful for guitars, or for doing a sort of intelligent auto panning and so forth.


my vote for that ‘keytrack device’


I think I’d use ‘pitch device’ way more than ‘velocity device’.

Yeah, me too.
In addition to having controls similar to Velocity Device (like source and target ranges, and shape curve) - I think it should also have something like an “Ignore Octave” checkbox - so that A-4 and A-6 will have the same effect on the target.

this. is a great idea!

  • infinite me

needed here, too.

I saw it appear in some places as Keytrack, maybe there are some places where it is called Keyboard Track.
Personally, I am in favor of Pitch Device or Note Device, over Keytrack Device - I think it is a bit more self explanatory, but its probably a matter of taste.

As far as I am concerned, it can be called “Kaneel-is-the-King Device” - as long as it does the job… :)

+1 for that

heh :)
I wonder if there is an easter egg in Renoise.
Do people do easter eggs anymore?


iirc there was a breakout-like game hidden in the about-screen of reaper.

Blah. There’s so much that should be included in internal sampler like this. Basic modulation methods.


Very nice idea.

Thinking about such a device, the possibilities go beyond imagination. Another good aspect is that this device is easy to implement.

as said above,really nice idea,+1

you said it.
I mostly have the velocity of my masterkeyboard switched of in Renoise because of the rubbish it enters in your patterns.

Very good and usable idea.

So looks like there is demand.
Would be nice if someone from design group can comment as for its chances of getting in.

No need for a “design” here. Pretty clear how it should behave, also its quite a small feature…

Well… this was my nice way of saying “where is taktik?”… :)

Small but useful. ;)