Pitch Effects

Is there a Pattern Command to change the pitch of a sample without having the slide effect?
Seems elementary but I can’t find one…

Also, am I right in thinking the pitch effects don’t work on sliced instruments?

How about entering the value of the pitch you want to have your sample played in instantly?
How many semitones should your sample raise that instantly?
01 is 1/16th semitone, 08 is a half semitone, 10 is one semitone
You can raise instantly up to 15 semitones (almost 16)

No you’re wrong, pitch effects also should work on sliced instruments.
If they don’t do it in 2.7.2, they will at least in the next version.

do the 01xx and 02xx produce a slide-effect? i thought only 05xx did that. if so it must be because my songs are usually 360bpm 8lpb that i do not hear it at all…

Thanks, just tested on slices, you’re right, must have done something wierd in my previous project :unsure:

Not what you mean in you first point though, are you talking about 01XX / 02XX commands?
How do I cancel the sliding effect without resorting to the method described below?

Yeah there is a slide. It’s quick (probably unnoticable at your speeds) but at 160BPM 4LPB it’s pretty obvious.
I worked out if you set the Ticks Per Line to 1 it cancels out the slide, but obviously wrecks 0EXX and such…

^ ah ok, in that case i don’t think there is a way to ‘switch off’ this effect besides the one you described there.

Handy tip:
Make the LPB at minimum 8 or higher, this also makes the slides barely noticable.
With these kind of speeds you could also set the tick rate to 6 or 4 because your 0Exx would go beserk again.
If you would set the LPB to 16, you no longer need the Exx commands because each line becomes then a trigger point (at which you can also apply a command to the “retriggered” sample) ;)

Hehe I knew biting the bullet and going 8LPB would be the best solution.
Wouldn’t need retriggers at that speed (semi-demi-quavers are quite enough for me!)
I will miss nice neat 64 line patterns tho!
Thanks guys!

Fuck, we really need better tuning capabilities in Renoise. 1/16th of a semitone? How about one-cent accuracy?

I’m finding myself using alternative tunings more and more, and that’s one of the areas where Renoise is sorely lacking. Not just in sample FX commands, but in the instrument settings. The new instrument settings layout is a perfect setup for greater control over tuning.

You have Finetune in Instrument Settings already, which gives you I think we worked out is actually 1/64th of a semitone steps. (Was surprised to find there is huge overlap with Finetune between Transpose settings.)

Two problems with that:

  1. It’s not automatable. The whole point of having something like this in the FX command or automation panel is to make it dynamic. Yes, you can fine-tune an instrument once, but you can’t (for example) recreate other tuning systems by means of constantly adjusting a sample’s tuning throughout the song.

  2. Sample fine-tuning is expressed in 1/128 of a semitone. Not intuitive at all, nor precise enough. It should be expressed in cents, with floating-point accuracy (e.g. +4.053 cents).

It’s great working at 8LPB, much more accurate. And you can have nice neat 128 line patterns now. Honestly, it was like when I first learned to use a knife properly, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t done it before, it just made it all so much easier.

Now I’m intrigued as to how you used to use a knife…

Like a fork or a spoon.

Maybe I’m going nuts, but I seem to remember you being able to glide to a note instantly in FT2?

Basically, 05FF is not fast enough, could we not make 0500 instantly ‘snap’ to a note?

haha I mean a chopping knife. I trained as a chef for a year when I was younger and the first lesson they taught us was how to hold a knife properly.

Like this: