Pitch,Filter And Pan Envelope In The Sample Editor

Id like to see a Pitch,Filter and pan Envelope in the Sample Editor so i can put a filter sweep directly onto the sample and also some modulation controll as well compared to Ableton life Samples Renoise is lacking a lot.

Just to be sure: do you already know about the envelopes that are available in the Instrument Settings view?

Using these envelopes, you can non-destructively apply such changes to the samples within the instrument.

If you wish to apply destructive changes in the Sample Editor itself, then this is of course a different topic.

I’m not familiar with Ableton, but when you say ‘directly’, does this mean you want to have it rendered into the .wav destructively? I.o.w fixed?

Right now you’d need to set up an automation envelope and use right mouse click ‘render selection to sample’ in the pattern editor for that, or render in a static filter through the fx button in the sample editor.

If the request is non destructively, than what doesn’t work with pitch, filter and pan in the instrument settings, envelopes tab? Too small window? Need moar info :)

edit: dblue for the faster win!

ah i can do some snare stuff now thanks