Pitch Finder

Hi to all!
Being Renoise heavily sample-based, we all spend a lot of time handling samples. Sometimes these samples are found somewhere on the net and the name is not always as clear as Piano_C4 is. Other times we make our own samples out of an object lying around the room or ripping from records…

I am really tone-deaf so I often find it problematic and time consuming trying to figure out (or tune) the frequency of this or that sample. How hard would it be to implement a “pick pitch” button in the sample view? Any algorithm would probably fail a fair amount of times, but it would be nonetheless a useful guide.

How do you currently cope with such problem?


There are VSTs that may help in the mean time, maybe this one? :

You beat me to it :) I was about to suggest the same plugin, as well as GVST’s GTune. Both of them work pretty well if the sound is looped or plays long enough for the tuner to get a good lock on it.

Thanks for both the suggestions, but, if i’ve seen correctly, they’re both for Windows, while I’m in a Mac environment :(

Here’s a list of tuner-related stuff for Mac from KVR’s plugin database: link

GTune is a favorite of mine, going to check out Ctuner too, Thanks!

Yes it`s a useful little one that :)

@ pistacchio
glad to see you should be able to get an alternative for mac too. KvR is a great resource to have a browse around sometimes, but be careful it can be an addictive place to go :)

c-tuner works fine for me, i use it since 3 month now :)
but i like the idea to have something like that directly inside the sample editor.



if such a feature would be implemented, then an automatic tuner feature would also rock. something like “tune to base note” context menu, which will recognize the pitch of the sample played at the base note, and change its pitch in order to match with the one declared in the base note value.

Sounds good!