Pitch Shift?

Does it exist in Renoise???
If so then where?

I want to create an effect like in a certain level of the game Halo where the little flying robot voice consists of several voice samples at different octaves played at the same time with a phaser effect over the top.
I’ve only had limited success so far so I really need a pitchshifting effect or something…

There is a section called FFT-Pitcher, in the sample Editing window. It takes some time for calculation. But there are a bunch of free VST’s that can do it in realtime as well. Just look around some here http://www.kvr-vst.com/



Nice one, thanks. :)

in my tears…

p.s. i don’t like to use acid only for pitchshifting… especially after sony bought sonic foundry…

I think a Vocoder would be helpful too… :)

I also think that a noise reductor, a brainwave synchronizer and an harddisk defragger are also mandatory… <_<

we discussed this lots of times: ReNoise is an extensible tracker: there is support for VST plugins and there will be, some day, a native plugin support, so why should developers subtract time to program developing when there is still much to do for internal features?

ok, of course you weren’t saying it is urgent, but a Vocoder is a very specific effect: we need a better (parametric) equalizer, filter, a chorus, a slightly better delay first.

in the meantime… ever tried mda Vocoder?

it is freeware and works with ReNoise, though it is a little tricky to work with.

If anyone needs a working RNS example for mda Vocoder, I could easily create it and post it on my site.

PS: argh… I missed my 800th post party! :angry:
I didn’t miss my 10000th downloaded song on my site since I’ve put stats on it, though :D
Thanks to everyone who has downloaded a song from there :)

now is time for some Guruh medidation…

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