Pitch Slide Commands 01/02xx

I tried playing around with these, but I’m not totally grasping the relationship between the number I input and what happens.

Can someone explain this to me?

Yes I did a search and, no the results do not specifically address what I am asking.


here you can find anything you want to know.


Thanks, I saw that already.

All I can find is the syntax for the pitch command, but no explanation of how the value I enter affects the pitch, which is what I am trying to understand.
I’ve gathered that the variable modifies the given note, and that successive pitch commands on a sustained note will further modify it but is it a percentage based on the frequency? Is it semitones?

How do I control how much time that the pitch slide takes?

The pitch slide command comes from the dawn of the tracker ages and is related to the speed you are using.
Unfortunately i can’t tell you which speed gives an x-semi tones raise if you use a slide value of $10 (0110) because this value is not really precise.
The same problem is with the real bpm which isn’t precise.

Also it only affects samples used in the sample-slots of the instruments.

as far as I can tell,
each unit in 01/02xx commands value raises/lowers pitch of 1/594th tone for each tick, AT NOTE C-4.

If you are at speed 06 (F106), put a C-4 note at row 00 and put a set of 0103 from row 00 to 1F, you obtain exact D-4 at row 20, and this result is not dependent on BPM.

Something like this is described above:
00 C-4 0103
01 — 0103
02 — 0103
03 — 0103
…and so on…
1E — 0103
1F — 0103
20 — 0103
21 — ----

so you have this values:
a] 3 units (0103)
b] 6 ticks per row (F106)
c] 33 rows (00…20)

abc = 3633=594

of course, if you need a less/more immediate pitch change, you can change the unit value (010x or 020x), or change the number of ticks per row (F10x); this second option will also alter the speed of flowing of the song.

You can also use glide to note command (05xx) which works in a similar way, but raises/lowers the pitch until the desired new note is reached.

in the above case:

00 C-4 0000
01 D-4 0503
02 D-4 0503
03 D-4 0503
…and so on…
1F D-4 0503
20 D-4 0503
21 — -----

as I’ve said above, and this can really surprise, this is true only at note C-4: if for example you try this raising the pitch from C-5 to D-5, you will need 0106 or F10C. This is because the pitch commands add the same number of Hertz to the pitch, independently of the present frequency, which becomes twice as high at each octave, and so the difference of frequency between each tone does (i.e.: the difference in Hertz between D-5 and C-5 is quite like the double of the difference between D-4 and C-4).

A nightmare, isn’t it? :)

Thanks for the explanation, thats what I was looking for. :)

While on the subject of pitch, how can I set it up so that my midi controllers pitch wheel will work on samples and not just vst instruments?

That would actually be the preferable method of pitch modulation for me.

If there was ever a Renoise trivial pursuit, I don’t think I’d like to oppose It-Alien :P

It’s faster just to do it all by ear. However, if you want 100% accuracy, I tend to try and get it as pitch perfect as possible, I’ll then use a note portamento command at the row where I want the destination note to be absolutely spot on.

I guess I came from an age where there were many interpretations by different mod players that it didn’t matter what you knew. It felt risky to do a pitch slide because of what other players would do.

00 C-4 0000
01 D-4 0103
02 D-4 0103
03 D-4 0103
04 D-4 05FF

Yeah the golden pitch rule… note portamento did solved so many things for me in the past.
I only used fine portamento a lot for phase shifting to gain a certain stereo effect when panning one track completely/partially right and the other completely/partially left.
This idea however is now pretty obsolete.
It is however a cheap and cpu-saving trick compared to using a VST effect for this.

Bring back the X00 command!

Before I post this shit in the bug section,
I was just tracking for the nice beatbattle thing.
I always have 2 copy’s of the song I’m working with.
so when I’m to drunk or so and overwrite a track I can always copy/paste it from the other former track.

Well with the pitchbend thingy I had some problems

I had a mild slide down command like this:

when I had overwritten the track containing this pitch slide I copy/paste it with the shift f4/f5 buttons.
then suddenly the bend didn’t occur anymore.
I changed it to:

and it worked again but the pitch bend was to far, so I changed it back again to the original setting (0200) and it worked fine again.

Do I overlook something or is this a bug, any other people experienced this???

It- Alien - any chance of getting some variation of that rundown put in the tutorial? I found that info quite useful, I’m sure others would too

Dr.Drips: what would you like to obtain with 0200?

0200 uses the last value which was played on that track, so its value can vary depending on which pattern you played before the one where the 0200 is set:

is equal to:


these info have been already put on this page: just click on the 01xx link near the bottom of the page.

I plan to add something more in the near future.