recently bought a microkorg, love to sample it and make xrni from sampled sounds, a bit of struggle was a pitchwheel, its not working with sampler modulation and doesnt seem to be assignable via midi, but with vsts its rollin fine
i see in midi editor it sends some “wierd signals” but why its not assignable /???
its would be great if pichwheel just worked with pitch modulation, set steps ar roll on :D
maybe i missed something in preferences??
for now i assigned pitch to modwheel, but its not right, it doesnt go back at center position itself : 0

Yes, the pitchwheel unfortunately is not sending out CC messages, hence you cannot map it. If you have a (spring controlled) modulation wheel that does, you can midi map this to the modulation device from which you can control the instrument its pitch level.

It remains nonetheless a great idea to be able to somehow connect the pitch wheel to a pitch or any other modulation option in the instrument.

you could use a midi-mapping tool ** to translate the signals of the pitchbend to CC 6 data entry cc100 cc101
** like midi ox or amidimap or what have you

Yep, the spring is here and the spring is the thing i want to modulate ;D
The modwheel unfortunatly has no spring, its (one way full finger controlled) :D

I thougt that since 3.0 beta introduced with a uuber sampler first thought was like “Damn” its a new standart of instruments, go home vst, go home kontakt :D but their know what a pitchwheel is

Thanks nix i will check a tool, i got a bit of struggle with tools because of ‘maschine fix’ workout taktik suggested, i dont know if he knows but tools wont install when i place program files in renoise.res folder
I guess i will try install another instance of renoise and see where it gets me with tool

this would not be any Renoise tool …
these are standalone applications outside of Renoise, so you would start that, select the Korg as MIDI input in that application and then start Renoise and select the output off that application as a external MIDI controller in Renoise

some have midi monitoring abilities, and then you see what your pitchbend is sending and then make it translate that to CC so it arrives in Renoise in CC range already

you could also make it translate other stuff, like re-assigning drumpad output to another channel and whatnot

ahh just got out of bed and i see that i was thinking wrong way :D thanks again nix for saving a few hours i guess :D
ill try midi ox at first - because it has a swiss knife as installer logo, it seems to be solid stuff : D
edit: well… had no much sucsess, i guess it requires user manual reading, and nobody got time for that :D

I could never figure out midiox, I remember trying to turn note offs on one port into note ons on another and it just wouldn’t.

same here, spent few hours and no sucsess :expressionless:

i am honestly. sorry to hear that
i was hoping that was a useful mapper

does this work better ?