Pitchbend Sample

Hi guys

Sorry for my stupid question… but - I rendered flute VST to set of samples [because original VST does not have / support? possiblity to pitch/bend vst sound] while play with MIDI keyboard, using its built in pitch bender stick.

Renoise created me set of flute samples I intend to modulate using pitch/bend stick on MIDI keyboard… but - it does not work!?

How to enable pitch-bending samples in Renoise? It works well with any VST instrument [except this one I want to use], but now I realize that any sample I load into Renoise - can not also control with hardware pitch-bender!?

All best


It was never possible so far DJNick, it will somewhere in the future.

we just want to midi map the instrument pitch parameter! and play with guitar samples ! :yeah:

this sounds really promising! :)