Pitched Synced Samples?

How’s this: Synced samples should be able to be pitched and played normally? This would be very useful to me. There would obviously be detriment to the audio quality, but only noticeably after a certain range. If there are any people familiar with FL Studio here, think of the granulizer. I got some pretty cool effects out of that actually :)

Oh baby baby please YES mmm.

The following is my own pre-emptive forum banter, to save others saying it :)
“Don’t turn Renoise into Acid Pro”
“You can get some plugin to do that”
“Other things should some first”

In my opinion, this is a feature which the team should focus on, because it’s a feature which is basic to many other DAWs and is so useful.

As time goes on, the repitching algorithm might be selectable per instrument e.g. Granular (with fade/quality settings), Vocal: Preserve Formants, Drumloop: Preserve Attacks, Custom FFT, etc.

I agree that a granular repitching algorithm would be a really useful start.