PIXEL TIGER - HARIMAU (Madeon Style Electro House)

Hey everyone, ^_^/>

Here is a new song in the style of Madeon (and small influences from ‘she’ too), made entirely in RENOISE.

Please check it out, and if you leave any feedback that would be awesome! :walkman:/> I’d be happy to give any tips if you are interested in any of the sounds.

The song can be downloaded for free from soundcloud.

Thanks for listening!

Nice work. :) I like the part at 2.18. But the main lead sounds too clean and ,dry’’.

Thanks for listening! :lol:

Do you mean the lead at 2:18 (the pluck) is too dry or the lead throughout the rest of the song (the saw waves)?

What would you suggest to make it sound better?

Thanks again :walkman: