Place To Post Stuff For Feedback And Exposure

Hi, I really like the renoise community and whenever I needed help on something, dblue, kaneel and many others were
very helpful, thanks a lot for that. I wanted to see if people wanted to give some feedback on a site I am working on. Also, I wanted to tell producers about the site because it’s good feedback and exposure.

The site is basically a way to get new music links and keep track of your own.
There are so many different places to get music from like blogs, soundclouds, rdio, yt and etc.
I thought it’d be nice if there was somewhere you can just get it universally.

Sorry if I sound like spam lol, you can move the topic if it’s not the right place.
The site is here :D and the site feed is here lol


Check out this awesome video too lol

great logo, the favicon-version of it does not do it justice - edit that one (i’m a sucker for details).

when i look at the site, the information i can get without clicking the ‘join now’ button is sparse at least. i like to read a bit more about how stuff works before i decide to join something new (you have the video of course, but what if i am in a place where i do not want sound coming from my computer, like at work). some things are illogical. for example, you have ‘Song Fountain is the most effective way to discover new music!’, underneath that 3 pictures with descriptions. intuitively, i want to click the pictures to see them properly, as they are too small to view as they are now. but i cannot click them. that’s weird. you should definitely change that.

when i sign up, there’s no user agreement. makes me feel like you can do whatever you want with whatever i post on the site.

after sign up, i choose my musical genres that i’m interested in. choices are currently pretty sparse i think, but that may be due to people uploading only in certain categories? after that, i get to a screen with people i may follow because they fall within my genre interests. all of these users are automatically selected. make select all/deselect all buttons.

you really need to work on the UI for the songs people have posted. these look pretty ugly to me. messy, unclear, disorganized. makes me want to quit the site already.

i like the concept, the idea, but it needs a lot of work. i can see it is built upon a template system for this kinda site, but i think you should really try and break free of some of those template-things to make it your own and get past some of the templates’ limitations.

anyway, good luck!

I was looking for the disclaimer and legal notices links… you might want to cover your ass first before going to producers with that.
The idea and site look like this could become something great. But just be aware there are enough organisations that might want to add a lot of restrictions to this initiative.

Thanks a lot for checking out the site :) I. Yea I agree the deal with the pictures needs to get fixed because you cannot see anything lol. We working with a lawyer to get the user agreement and legal fees done asap. As the site grows there will be more genres, but so far who you can follow will be based on popular genre tags. Yeah when you select people to follow, you should deffo have select and deselect all. We are actually working on adapting the new layout now and hopefully it adresses those issues! Thanks a lot for the feedback I am going to work on getting that adapted and having those problems you said get fixed.

This is the rough layout I designed we are adapting lol, I got some good advice from joyrex to remove the blue border around the song
and have a background color.

Note: There are somethings we are going to be removing and adding from this too.

Thanks man for checking out site, I’ve been working with a lawyer to iron all that stuff. :D

Thanks a lot for the people signing up! I really appreciate it. The new layout should be on the site very soon! :D

Really nice idea. :)
Keep it on…

Great idea, and great site :)

Thanks a lot to the both of you :) Just added the new layout just now
If you want to check :D

Here is a video to give kind of a introduction :)