Plaid Live In Winchester South Uk

a bit late in thinking to mention this on here but if anyone is UK based, near the south coast and is a Plaid fan check out some info regarding Plaid playing in a very intimate venue in historic Winchester on the 3rd of October, before they embark on their world tour.

They are only doing 4 dates in UK, Manchester, Norwich, Winchester and London.

There is a facebook event here.

plus Warp info here

and ticket web info here

realise this a bit spammy but figured i post on here enough to warrant telling fellow minded people about this cool gig. if your a plaid fan then seeing them in this 100 capacity venue minutes from the train station could be appealing. thanks.


My Winch mates were telling me about this. It’s at the Railway isn’t it? Bizarre venue for Plaid to play. Shame I’m stuck working in Bristol :(

who are your winchy mates? maybe i know them…

I have a feeling you are one of them.