Plane One - Plane One

Hey guys,

Here is my new Trance tune. Please check it out.

In a way, it’s a track I make to “audition” Renoise as my main DAW. (Been using Logic Pro for > 10 years.) So here we go.
It’s all made with Renoise + Korg Legacy plugins + Fabfilter Twin2 plugin. Most effect processors used here are the Korg MDE-X plugin including mastering ones. Enjoy.

so what’s your impression or do you already have a verdict?

Hi ya,
Guess I’ll stick with Renoise for my new Trance project. I miss those great effect processors on Logic, but other than that, most things I do can be done more easily/speedily with Renoise. They are two different beasts of course, but for now, it’s enough for what I am trying to do.