Play Current Highlited Position

Hey all.

I just discovered this program and I am almost in tears at how amazing it is. I started music on the Amiga before there WAS a ‘MED’ much less Octamed (Dynamic Drums actually, haha)

Anyway, one thing I am trying to figure out is how to get all notes to play as you are navigating around a pattern. So that if you cursor down or up the notes play as the hilight bar passes over them.

This was always my best way to work so I could always hear the notes as I passed by them.


use the SCROLL LOCK key on your keyboard to enable/disable pattern following

…or press the 5th button of this group:

You can press enter to hear the current row it will however only go downwards.

Wow, I still have a memory of this, tucked away somewhere in my long term memory… actually I remember the included samples “Dynamic” and “Drums” … :) Well, I’m glad I’m not using that anymore… Renoise is a slight bit better :)

OMG - I can’t believe you remember those samples!

The cheesey geeky voice happily saying



ugh. Yep - that was my first exposure to sampling.

That and also - remember ‘SONIX’?