Play Pattern Section On Loop Start

I think its fully scriptable. And its more for live application.

For this exemple we have only one pattern.

We have muted section on “return” key. Normaly when you press enter, or midle mouse button on muted track section it will start to play instantly (which is good in certain situations).

But if you have for exemple kick, and you want to start bass section on loop start, you need to wait until loop ends, and then make some sniper shoots to make it start on time :).

But imagine that player is in middle of loop pattern and then you umute section it waits until loop ends and then it starts playing.

Its like in ableton or even like in flstudio(play live option). I hope you understand what i mean :)

Scriptable it is, but don’t know if it can be done moment-precise because that is the critical factor in this idea.