Playback Issue *RESOLVED*

Hey guys, so i’m new to Renoise and I’ve been remaking my own Amen Breaks by using the original Amen break sample and chopping it up etc, having so much fun. But, for some unknown reason, renoise has started playing my samples back in a choppy way… And i’ve stupidly overwritten the old project file and it won’t play back normally now… i’ve even bounced it out and the bounce is still choppy.

Heres an example of what it USED to sound like (named “Amens Temporary”) and the edited version that has now started playing back funny. (named “Broken”).:-

This is for a uni project due very soon so its kinda urgent! Not sure what button I have pressed for it to do this? It was all running so smoothly :frowning:

Hope you guys can help!

Kindest Regards, Happy quarantine!

As a hunch, I’d guess that you’ve set your slices to loop and reduced the BPM causing a weird stutter. If that’s the case, you have a few options to fix it. You can change the pitch of the samples so that they playback in sync with the slower tempo. (There are also some time stretching options in newer versions of Renoise.) You could also select all of your slices and disable the loop option, although this could introduce some silent gaps. Finally, you can of course just increase the tempo to match what it was before.

Hope that helps.

Hi Skolyskoly, the annoying thing about this is, I haven’t changed the tempo from 170bpm the whole time?

Kind regards

maybe share the xnrs? so we could see what happens?
even if its just a small part of those drums…

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Renoise Forum.xrns (1.7 MB)

Here is the XRNS, for anyone new to the post… the amens once sounded like the example “amens temporary” in the original post… out of no where it started performing how it does now… no idea how it happened.


you changed LPB to 3?
maybe try and change it back to 4 :wink:Screenshot


I downloaded renoise purely to use it to make amens so i’m very new to it, i’m not even sure what LPG means?

Thanks for actually downloading it and trying to sort it out, means the world to me!

Kind regards

LPB=Lines per beat…

Lots of people set it to 12 or 24 to be able to easily program triplets…
Try changing it and see what it does :slight_smile:

I see! This i actually beneficial as I want to try and make some triplets!

Cheers dude

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Oh yeah,
If you set it to twelve you need to work with 96 or 192 lines instead of 64 of course.Screenshot

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If you want to do triplets, maybe look at this tool:

With this tuplets are easy to achive…just select a block with notes in it, and the tool will distrubute them evenly within the block.

Thankyou for the tip! :slight_smile:

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