Player-dll Or Similar Needed

Hi Renoise-Team.

I am currently evaluating renoise and its really cool, but as a 2d/3d/demo/whatever-coder, I need small files and this has many reasons.

I remember on the c64 and amiga, where there where routines to play music in the “background”.

What I need is a (you can release something like that for registered-users only if you like) library, that plays my music.

something like:


This would really really help me with developing.

Best wishes

quoting forum FAQ:

[b]where can I get an external player/DLL/format specs?

at the moment neither of these three things are available.[/b]

Is the Renoise format small enough to use anyhow?
An empty RNS takes up 23K all the other things will consume even more.
What would you need a Renoise format for in your demo above a format like Impulse Tracker?

I can still run Impulse Tracker in DosBox (Using it’s embedded GUS emulator) and it sound pretty great.
I assume you don’t want to incorporate songs above 1MB.
For 64K demo’s RNS is even a pretty bulky format.

I am sorry I have not seen that thing in the faq -((((((((((((