Playing a drumkit with multiple chains will only play on one track


I made a drumkit which has multiple fx chains for different samples. Sample channels influence each other by using env follower, e.g. bd ducks the hihats etc. Now if I play thisdrumset/instrument on two tracks, which are within one group, I can only hear the second track. Notes on the first track hasto be placed within gaps of the second track or I will hear nothing from the first track.

Did I do something wrong or is it a bug?

You’re neither doing something wrong, nor is it a bug. It is, unfortunately, made like this by design. I brought the issue up before, please look here: [done 3.1] Instruments with FX are tied to one track?


Yeah it basically works like a VST once you add an effects chain to an instrument.

This is so stupid… :angry: Now I have to reduce my whole drum kit to multiple solo instruments again and rebuild the whole routing and fx.

So I cannot let just the kick duck other tonal parts of the song, nor I can milli-Offset the Kick for a nice Groove/Punch. I am now a prisoner of this annoying limitation regarding anything related to the Drums.

In this way Instrument fx is just useless.

Hello renoise Team, please make using of multiple Tracks possible and also allow the the meta devices to target tracks outside! Millisecond Offsets you have to calculate before Processing, the Samples Need a Virtual Offset Parameter.

Or build a receiver device that has an milli-offset and all send devices can target it (from above or left).

At least the send devices and meta devices should be able to target SEND TRACKS!!