Playing A Renoise Song, Outside Renoise Program

My Friend is creating a game in Flash.
I have been asked to do the Music / FX.

I was just wondering, if you can play a renoise song (mod). without using the renoise Program itself.
I know you can convert the final song to mp3 then use the mp3 inside Flash.
but is there any other way of playing the actual Song (mod)

My idea was that has the game progresses the music would build up.
So, I would start with track 1, and as you progress and the action gets more demanding.
Then I could turn on more tracks when required so the music builds.
If you come to a less demanding part then you could just turn off the tracks, which are not required.

I’m sorry, there is no external player for Renoise songs.

Not unless you build it yourself that is.

Export it as loops, and fade between loops… that’s your only real way of doing it.

I’ve done multitrack stuff in flash as well before, and it’s all a matter of getting the position data from one loop and matching up the other ones as you initiate their playback. So you could technically do it that way as well. Export all your individual tracks, and mix accordingly in realtime ;)

Mixing and matching loops in flash is pretty simple in Flash 10

But as you load more loops into the flash file, it’ll make the file much bigger. :(

Sorry, I was in a web design class for a while, one of the things the teacher pushed was optimization. Smaller files for the people with shittier connections.

Thanx for all the input guys :)

Just worked how to do it. (me thinx)

Going to extract each track indavidually (.wav) convert them to .mp3, and load them into flash.
Call each track when and where needed.

You don’t have to load all of the files into SWF file. You can load the files dynamically as the game progresses.

True true.