Playing Audio When No Data Shows Feature ?

ok, I remember hearing about a feature that allows sound to be played between two commands, so when you loop where there is no data you still hear the sample, whats that called, and where to find it ?


i think you are talking about the autoseek feature. it means that when you play a long sample for example, you don’t have to play it from the start each time, but can also just press play anywhere and hear the sample play from the correct point. more info here:

Yes, thanx alot :D

cheers to both of you, I absolutely did not understand what he was talking about :)

yeah i figured Autoseek was the only thing he could’ve meant. i find Autoseek one of the most difficult features to adequately and concisely describe (see my own awful attempt above) :)

Would it maybe be a better idea to make Autoseek ‘on’ as default?

The Renoise has to calculate if every sample loading is playing every time you start playing the song.

It could maybe do it intelligently based on length of sample but I don’t think it’s so bad you have to enable it.

I doubt you would like it to having to disable this for each consequent one-shot sample in which you don’t want this behavior that you got dragged into an instrument together with a group of 250 other samples all assigned in different layers.

plus, it’s CPU consuming

Good points well made.