Playing Live

I’m playing a small live set soon and want to try to do it in Renoise rather than Ableton as thesongs are all made in Renoise. I know there are the Duplex and Live Dive tools available, but thesongs I want to play are separate files. I want to do it like an Ableton style live set where everything is seamless and don’t want to be loadingwhole songscausing gaps in the set, so am trying to work out how to do this.

My idea is to render eachchannel to an instrument if possible and then play around with a large live pattern, but I’m not sure if its possibleto do this, or myother idea is to render parts likethe Intro ,middle, end etc todisc and treat them as clips much in the sameway asAbleton and manipulate them on the flyusing something like Live Dive.

How have you guys done it when working with multiple songs in Renoise?


I have to instances of renoise in which tracks are sent to 4 different sends channels - rhytm, pad, melodic and samples

Ive made dedicated duplex touchosc controller to control each instance seperatly and then just load one track into instance one play it, run some fx or change pattern order than mix track from second instance based on what would fit better

Dunno if its possible to run two instances of renoise at the same time in other environment than linux (jack)

I find when I run two instances of Renoise - midi only works in one of them ( using Windows)

It depends on your driver. If it doesn’t support multiple instances, you might have to resort to tricks like using PD or MIDI-Ox to receive the MIDI, and then forward it to both Renoise instances via a MIDI loopback

I’d recommend LoopMIDI on Windows for this purpose:

Thanks Danoise