Playing Nice With Vinyl

I play a live sequencing set in renoise, but I’ve been booked to play alongside two others in Berlin this August and we’d like to be able to sync renoise to whatever records are being played as well.

What ways do I have to tempo sync Renoise to whatever records are being played? I’d like to not have to use any external applications (i.e. rewire into Ableton), because I have brand loyalty and because I want to keep CPU usage down.

Apologies if this topic has been done to death, I just couldn’t find anything with the search function. (probably just using the wrong search terms)

I think this is what you’re looking for :)

whoa cool!

Hmm, I’m not too good with midi, if I were to assign a knob to control tempo as +/- 8 bpm from whatever I have set, rather than only controlling a certain bpm range, how would I set that up in Renoise?

I did this little tool that allows you to set a shortcut for +/- 0.1BPM adjustments. May be of use. Did mean to expand with MIDI capabilities and other extras but never found the time.

Not been tested with 2.8 but hopefully all it will require is the API version being changed…

This little tool?

so where is it? :D

Doh!! And thanks :)

thanks guys! everything’s working great now!

(for anybody in Berlin who wants to catch my set, it’s this)