Playing Samples With Different Settings

Sometimes I may want to use a sample with different setting. So far I have used this most often when I have a tempo synced sample, using the Beatsync mode, and want to play the same sample at half or double speed. To do this I have to load the sample again into another slot.

Could also imagine having a sample with a multitude of different loops points and lfo settings which are commonly used throughout a track. (I know automation of these would make it not so needed, but if you only have a few, often used settings it is a lot easier than trying to swap between setting using automation)

Now surely it would be a better idea if I could point to the same saved sample from a pool, processing if differently depending on atributes as selected. Or isn’t this possible as you might be telling renoise to read the same sample in two different ways at the same time?

Just think it would make things neater and save on saved song size.