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some very simple questions:
I always have to edit only a single bar most of the time. This means many passes…listen…adjust…listen…ok

  1. How do I listen only to this single bar ? With spacebar I start from the beginning and with numpad-enter I start a block, which size can be set. But I just want to start from the current row which is focused in the pattern editor…with Return I play a single row, but then I have to play the metronom…ok, this is a good practice, but is there a better solution ?

  2. I found out that I can use the same MIDI control change message for different automations, as long they are send to different instruments. Somehow these channels are separated. But now I have two tracks with different instruments, which are supposed to share the same automation. Is it possible to use only one envelope ? Right now I do the corrections in the envelope of one track and copy it to the next track, before I play it.
    EDIT: ok, the Hydra does the job, I just found out. But this brings me to another question:
    as a matter of good practice, where to put all these meta devices ? They are not really DSPs…the hydra for example could be part of the track DSP of any track ? Should it be moved to the master track ?

Thank you so much !

  1. I can see the value in this, though I’m not sure if it’s something you can do currently. However, I bet you could swing something with a tool. How do you feel about programming? I wouldn’t expect it to be very difficult to put together in this case.

EDIT: Wait, couldn’t you just turn block loop on (Ctrl+Scroll Lock) and then use Shift+Space to play from the current line?

  1. Yeah, Hydra’s definitely the answer. It’s pretty context dependent for me. I usually use Hydra to control the same parameter on the same effect but on different tracks. For example, the low frequency crossover for a multiband send on my drum and bass tracks. In this case, I have a “low end” send, so I usually put the Hydra device on that track. If there’s not an obviously associated track to put in on though, the master channel sounds reasonable. Just make sure you rename the device so you know what it’s for.
  1. If I understood correctly you can use “play from cursor” command and I think it’s shift+space by default, you can change the hotkey anyway

about 1), Vietkong is right

about 2), you can also use track groups, which were introduced into version 2.8: put the tracks into the same group, and put the DSP’s into the group’s chain instead of each track’s chain

Thank you ! That is exactly what I was looking for !! I searched in the wrong key-binding chapter.

The grouping idea I still have to investigate. I read the manual of 2.7 and only the revised chapter about pattern effect codes.

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