please change the track scopes to level meters

i think the track scopes are really useless (the stereo scopes too but it’s not so important).
i think track level meters are really more useful for showing the peak level of every track!!!


I dont think so.
As soon as you are used to how a sound “looks like” in the scopes you can identify the sound by seeing them. This is important as you only see a fragment of the song in the patterneditor but always see the whole song via the scopes.

I am used to recognize a Bdrum + bass combination that “works” by looking at scopes! :o
Plus I look to scopes to find out how the Bdrum+bass is mixing with the other waves…

i think this is another old tracker users love ;) - looking wave scopes ;) … but level-meters are really more useful for arranging the track volumes … the DeClipper option in the master-track are really usefull but i need to see the the level(-overflow) of each track … maybe a suggestion for the future :) coz single level meters are a basic feature of every audio-track-based software

I don’t see why one option would rule the other one out?.. :unsure:

I think such meters should be a part of the mixer, when that is implemented some releases from now. After all, if the goal is to use them for level adjustments between tracks, that’s what a mixer is for :)

Eventually, there might be a level bar on one side of each trackscope, combining both.

of course a mixer with lever meters - a great thing

ok the problem that i have:

when i use the declipper function the resulting tracks are too powerful or they are changed in sound dynamics … i need a clean undeclipped sound!

if i switch off the declipper and the AD (auto decrease master vol) function is on … i need a long time to arrange the volumes - switching from instruments settings to track settings and change the volume of each instrument/track. it’s really annoying that i must use the AD function to avoid any clipping without the use of the master declipper … the continuous decreasing (AD) of the volume makes it impossible to get a constant sound feeling for mixing.
but without the AD function not every clipping is audible - if i could see lever-meters and the peaks i would’nt use the AD function and i could work more visuell in mixing …

i hope anybody understand what i want to say!? :blink:

i’m not quite sure what your problem is but if you need clipping alarm on the master without automatic gain reduction you could check out inspector from its free and quite handy.

yes I perfectly understand what you mean alex, level meters on every track would be realy handy. I realy looking forward to that mixer that martinal is talking about… but I still want to keep the scopes, so I agree with johan ;)

I need a phase scope.