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This video always makes me laugh:

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“Dildo man” vs “Whip man”…the clash of super heroes

That’s one side of the coin. The flipside is that you clearly see how fucked up the world is, that life’s a battle you cannot win and that you can do nothing to change it, which leads to an unhealthy way of thinking. But let’s not dive deeper into this topic.

Anyway, one thing is absolutely clear:
If @BriocheBaps will ever offer his music stuff again I won’t buy anything, even if there’s something I’m interested in. The problem is known now and surely no one wants Sam to buy all the stuff back again and lose money this way, right?! Last time I’ve offered him several times to withdraw the purchase so that he can keep his stuff, but in the end we processed the purchase and he obviously bought the VST again later, so he lost money. It’s not supposed to be like that. Everyone who knows the problem is kinda responsible now.

Japanese pranks are the very best! :+1:


Tired of headphones


TLDR; but sorry bout ur mental problems but it’s probably just withdrawal symptoms of things you don’t even know that you were addicted to. Thanks capitalism.

communism is better?

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