Please! For The Nth Time! Turn Off Keyjazz

ive seen N amounts of users request this.

waiting, and waiting, for something better…does this come?

when times come around that i feel inspired with laying down a keyboard melody…
every single time,
it turns into me
losing the melody. :(

im not angry at you guys, im angry with humanity. its acceptance of technology being a commodity, and how primitive it is…

Didn’t read the front-page news of January?

vvoois, I just realized you’ve written work in progress for each month and there were a couple I had missed. 1.6 is going to be a killer! :w00t: Really looking forward to it…

Yes, next version will be awesome.


any idea when i can test the new version ???
erm . .
whens the next version out ?

boy i wish the devs replied to my generous testing offer i made to them many years ago . . . . their loss. . . . peace… ;)

I can=t wait! Time to practise my synth guitar again.

If you do more posting (and more user support), you might be asked for joining the alpha testing team.
This is how the current alpha testing team is assembled, with the most frequent active board users.



that should be in the tips and tricks section . . . ;)