Please Help, Copy & Paste Shortcuts Not Working

now I know control+a work

but control+c and control+v are not working on my keyboard, any idea what it is? obviously rightclick menu copy and pasting works

have i hit somthing bad on my keyboard? it’s a logitech keyboard.

hope you can help, thanks

Did you check to see if your keyboard had a raccoon in it? :P

Obvious question: did you reset?
2nd Obvious question: did you try another keyboard?
3rd less Obvious question: What did you do to your system?

ah! it’s ok now, theres this button i dont know what it does on this keyboard, ‘mode f’ no idea

It enables TEH FUNK.


I have a keyboard that has a little switch on the back, but I never figured out what it did. I tried all the modes too. It’s an old keyboard, the kind that uses the MIDI plug :D so it’s likely some obsolete function

‘mode f’ probably switches some key functions on your keyboard, this is also normal on for example laptops, where the number of keys are limited. On my laptop I can press and FN (which is like your mode f-button I presume, exept it’s not a toggle button) to make the UP-button increase the volume or the PGdn act as END etc.

Teh Funk, in other words. ;)