Please Help, How To Vote?

I´m a registered user of renoise, the very best sequencer in the world, and I want very much voting for audio recording in the sampler. I could not find, how to do!
Can anyone discribe the procedure, how to vote for new features?

Login into the backstage area and on the left click “Vote for Features”, if you can not vote there, then the voting time is over and you missed your chance.

How often is voting open? I checked when I first registered a few months ago and it wasn’t available then, and I guess it wont be until after 1.6 is released now yeah?

I bought Renoise at the end of july last year and i had the possability to place my votes. Maybe one can vote again when Renoise 1.6 arrives.

It`s a pity that I have no chance to vote, but I hope that audiorecording will come in the next update.

Have a look at the top of this page, there is a polls button, which shows the priority features. Audio Recording is amongst them. :)

I think I’m going blind then…

although I do remember a thread that had the results of the votes and sure it was sticky somewhere. Guess that’s what you’re refering to, yes?

The button is directly under the news and about button. You’ll only see the button, if you open the forum within the frame.


Ahhh well I don’t have a news or about button and always go straight to so that could be why…

These are old polls and some of the suggested features are already in 1.5 like this one:

The votings for the next edition after 1.5 are also closed.
You’ll get another chance after the next major (meaning not just an ordinary bugfix release) release has been done or earlier if the devs feel the need for a next round in an earlier stadium.