Please Help With This Song Name!~!

What is the song name playing in the backround of this video?? NO ONE KNOWS!!

Email me at or just post again on this site thx =D

I don’t mind if serious requests are done in the song-forum but if they go below this level, they will be moved to the off-topic.

But…im sorry if the video is inapropriate but i have to know the name…and like i said, its hard to find someone who knows hte name, YOU dont even know it…

personally, I would find more interesting to know the name of the girls, if I really should find anything interesting in the video…

Well…i would like to have sex with those girls rather then find out who they are…but that will never happen so i wanna know the name of the song, if ANYONE knows i will give you a reward if you tell me =D…you never know you just mike like it!!

Oh: THERE is my ex girlfriend and my former girlfriend…

Sorry, do not know the songname, either

No i don’t mind, but it is just very risky to fill your first post with this material in a non-related forum.
We have regular spam being posted in a pretty similar way, but since there is no real advertisement behind this one, i moved it to see if the original poster would comment on the action (which you did and this saved your account’s butt from being removed).
No, i don’t know the name of the song, but a lot of Ibiza DJ’s probably will.
You could ofcourse record the audio and share it on soulseek to find out, you might be surprised how much help you get over there.

Joe Budden - Your Body’s Hot Like Wow! (Raskal Blend)

NOW THAT GUY POONS! thx for your help G…you are the only person i know who knows the name of it.

I cant find any songs matching that description accept porn…

Just search for Joe Budden, the single “Body Hot” is on iTunes… However, the one in the clip is a remix, i think?

Track 39

Seriously though, I just googled for a few keywords and found it. I never heard the track before and don’t particularly care for it. I also suspect you are a spammer, boosting the clip.

Good times.

What u meen im a “Spammer”

A “spammer” here on this board is a user that registers on the forum and his first posted message is spam containing lots of links to adult content or links to pharmacy marketing sites.

Other spammers are “girls from eastern countries” that seem to be looking for a man but rather is a mailad collector to harvest email addresses.

Your message almost matched the first mentioned profile.

Ya your right…except replace Almost with Not Even Close, what was i trying to promote…girls having sex? i evne said “i need help with the SONG IN THE BACKROUND!!!”

just out of curiosity: do you even know what this forum is about?

I thought it was about songs and their names. Am i wrong?

It used to be about songs until the admin moved it…

This place isn’t just about “songs and their names”, this is a forum to provide support and to discuss issues related to the musical application known as Renoise. If you’d taken a quick look at the main site you should have noticed this.

The “Renoise song forum” is for… drum roll… songs created with Renoise!

Maybe you should spend more time paying attention to what’s right in front of your face and less time looking at nasty hoes in internet videos.

We do have a few discussions about that from time to time, though. :rolleyes:

Besides, I had a laugh at the vid. Good job finding the tune though, couldn’t descifer the words when I listened to it for some reason. Might be 'cause it was 6 A.M. and I was dead tired, getting ready for work. Ah well.

You owe Conner Bw a reward.