Please I Beg Of You!

Most of the new stuff that is being releases with universal binaries that are plugs are Audio Units… everybody makes a vst to audio units wrapper, but NOBODY makes an audio units to vst wrapper, let alone one that has UB’s… I’ve seen guys ask quite a few times for AU support… it would be well appreciated. I don’t know how hard it is to impliment, but seeing as how it is kinda the standard on the mac side of things, I’m surprised you took vst over AU’s for mac dvelopement… I’m begging you! :o I know this isn’t your problem, but I just bought a few universal caompatible and updates synths and they are ALL Audio units :angry: I just wasted my $$$! Please, I beg you, I would love you forever!

oh yeah- I’m feling the support :rolleyes:

I support you buddy. Here, have an empty promise.

i would like audio units too, then i could do even more seriously strange things!!!

well, in your case Louis, you are 1st hand witnessing why it is better to be 3 years behind hardware/components. it really tries your will power, but you dont have to worry about compatiblity.

i would assume that the osx trackers here, dont have a choice of whether or not to use renoise.

there is only 1 ‘current’ tracker available ! milkytracker is the dope, its also oldschool tho.

its going to be a good an long minute before renoise has any competetion in the osx branch afaik.

My work around has been to use the virtual midi ports osx provides out putted from renoise and run my new vsti under another host that does use AU, and then I just select the virtual midi ports as inputs in my other host (live), this way I can play my AU synths and do all that good stuff (I just got cakewalk rapture with ub updates)… I do the same on pc using midi yoke between renoise and ableton live so that i can sequence kontakt inside of live and have my multiple outputs to process… this work for now, but it gets to be a hectic mess when it come to automation. But really this is going out of the way- it’s a pain the the ass to render, and you cant save both apps together as one project. I’d realy love to just run renoise and my plugs and be done with the whole mess!

HA! jeez man, i dont envy that setup, but if it works for you, who am i to knock it. :P

ya know more and more, i find myself getting away from vsti’s an using sample instruments, an using the functions of the instruments. whenever they decide to make the instrument params available to be automated
i will be in sheer F’n heaven!

theres nothing quite like the warmth you can get from some plugins, yesterday night i was working with the korg plugs, you can get such warm an fat sound from them!

i was getting a THX style feel/sound from automating the amplitude modulation filter, an simply sending it small looped samples, i could upload an mp3 of what im talking about, there is a part of it, where it sounds like a crowd of ppl, gasping! an its all from just the way i have the filter being automated!