Please Let Me Know What You Think

Hi! I’ve been playing around with some samples and came up with this. It’s far from finished, but I would like to hear some opinions. I kind of realized today that whatever I’m trying I always end up with something that could come straight out of a pornfilm… :P that was certainly not my intention, I just tried to make something trip hop-ish… Please let me know what you think! Thanks, chris

My link

nice, certainly needs to be longer.:slight_smile:

Very nice. A small amount of the samples sound a bit too loud like the hi hat at times. Good so far!

the link is not working…

A little update. Still only half a song :huh: If someone with good ears would give it a listen and let me know if the mixing is more or less alright, or in case it really sucks, how to improve it, that’d be great! :) thanks, chris

ok, i have uploaded some of the songs I plan to finish some day… ANY feedback would be very welcome! you can find my stuff here thanks a lot! chris