Please Offer Bank Transfer For German Customers!

i dont own a cc, nor paypal etc. i just want to register my renoise without any problems. isn’t it possible to start a bank account for this purpose?

would be very glad.

thanks in advance.


  1. register a free paypal…
  2. banktransfer some money to your paypal account (no extra costs here)
  3. register renoise


I also want to know the method by which the person who doesn’t have the credit card can pay money. (from Japan)
If possible, I want to explain it on “Renoise-GATE”.

In Europe, can you remit with PayPal even if you don’t have a credit card?
Though I saw a Japanese site where explained about PayPal, It was written that the credit card is necessary to remit with PayPal.

Under the present situation, Renoise is not a software that the young person in Japan can readily buy, even if it is a cheap and great software.

Isn’t there something good method?