Please Please Please In V1.3

the possibility to reset an single slider to it’s default value … maybe it’s possible to add a little button to the config for switching between right mouse click for effect insertion or reset the slider (right click is sometimes used by other apps for slider-reset - a good and normal usability i think) B)

and please let us say good bye to the 2-digit after the point percent values in the silders. the slider could work with this high resolution internal (e.g. vor the automation curves and lfo-device) and should not be removed internal but it’s simply not possible to setup this small values manual with the sliders … and it’s sometimes so annoying to setup 50% 75% exactly and so on … i think everybody knows what i mean … if somebody say’s 100 values are not enough for me … ok i think 1-digit after the point is also a better solution and a help - and it’s possible to setup all possible percent values by the mouse at last <_<

agree, alex

the sliders are very un-certain, as, say, in the effect column

1156 might be
45.76 %

cutoff, and

1157 suddenly shows
56.04 %

in the cutoff…

You can already now reset all parameters of a device, and you will have the possibility to enter all values with the keyboard in 1.3 . That should solve the root of the problem …

The cutoff is not linear, that’s the reason for this particular thing.
This is deliberate, because the ears frequency response is not linear,
but exponential. So changes in the low frequency spectrum are more
sensitive than in the high spectrum.

GREAT! :) nevertheless i would prefer the right-click slider-reset feature B)

i like the keyboard thing. it’s something i’ve been missing in renoise. i just made a post to that effect and had to go delete it. :lol: