PLEASE .rni format!!


I would kill to know a GOOD way to convert .sf2 files into .rni files. Its just too much pain in the arse to load/assign a bunch of WAV files :) anyone know? Someone mentioned that Awave Studio converts to .rni, but i looked and guess what - IT DOESNT. This would solve a lot of the problems with like AKAI/GIGA import too, since you can convert these formats into .sf2.
Hence if you we have something like this, instead of AKAI/GIGA import, you could just try to focus on improving the .RNI format. (16 samples is a little too little)…

Take Care!

not exactly what you asked for, but Crystal VSTI can import sf2 patches.

its freeware btw.

there are a few freeware VSTi-sf2 players. and awave cant convert to rni yet, because I guess the developers do not care for renoise (and afaik awave hasnt been updated for quite a long time)