Please Share Your Finds Of Interesting Challenging Music

Please post to this thread any RECENT discoveries you’ve had of challenging, interesting, non-conformist, out-side-the-box, pushing the limits, type MUSIC. You might even want to provide a short description of the music, as well as details on where and how to get the music (no illegal shares please). More ‘outer-limits’ the music the better.

The aim of this is to get us all listening to stuff outside of our sentimental comfort zone, and to push us relatively out of boring conformist habits or indoctrinations to dubious commercialisms. There is a distinct need in this day and age to make new media that interrupts our assumptions leading us to active consciousness to make better decisions. Dishing out the same old formulaic populist indulgences will get us no where, and it’s the very reason why most of us gave up the religion of top40 in the first place.

Try to keep the items newish, if possible. We all know already that for example ‘well known artist x’ releasing in 1969 has had a deep impact on western music evolution. However, if the item is insanely obscure and is only being brought to light recent then bring it on.

I hope that makes sense. Post away!

I’ll go first, an easy one:

Really enjoying Coil’s odd and interesting music, particularly their later material. It was previously difficult to get copies of Musick To Play In The Dark Vol 1 and 2, but now they have been reissued on Chalice.

It’s music outside the square and very listenable. Highlights include the timeless The Dreamer Is Still Asleep; the dark euphoria of Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night; and Batwings (A Limnal Hymn) with it’s spooky religious drones. My fave is the absolutely mind-bending energetic ritual of Tiny Golden Books, erupting in strange vocoded magick and a heat so present you can smell it.

gold mine!

Koenji Hyakkei, Zeuhl music at its best.

Menomena, I would call this “experimental instrument indie rock”, if that would make any sense…

Koby Israelite, fusing lots of genres with his israeli roots

Husky Rescue

Dark folk pop with tense cold ambience and non-narrative lyrics.

Any of Mike Patton’s newest experiments… he’s always coming up with new bands =p

i’m an enthusiastically avid listener of a nutty canadian who goes by sixteenarmedjack. (16aj)
he’s a mad man!
he has a showcase mix of his newer dubplates, here:

his sound is an amalgamation in time travel of both past & future jungle respects. if you have ever consumed a potent dose of lsd, an were able to actively see so deeply into the interworking lattice of your reality’s construction.
you may just be able to understand what’s really going on! ;)

amon tobin - “Splinter Cell Soundtrack” and “The Foley Room” leave me completely stunned everytime I hear them … He just mananges to pile such a massive sonic wall up that it’s sometimes impossible to distinguish a rhythm or even different instruments/samples. It all just blends amazingly together.

My best recent find was Keef Baker. His music clearly shows influences of a lot of different styles, especially the album “Redeye”.

Here’s one Itty might like, or fans of prog:…220725e5ffe600e

Steve Vai’s excellent Sound Theories Vol. 1 and 2 puts him where he ought to be: in front of a contemporary classical/hybrid orchestra. Full of the hightened ‘oh my god’ bits of melody and sonic excess that exist outside of trendiness and now outside of his parent realm of shread. This is interdimensional, and a nice musical treat.

I absolutely agree, I’m a fan of Splinter Cell series and the Brazilian producer, he’s a master in using and wielding strange samples.

Here is a webpage containing the art-work of an online friend, half Iranian-half English, of course some of you may already know him. I think his tracks are worth listetning to for at least once ;)

Well, it’s not new but after 23 year still one of my favorite composers:
The Blue Nile

another vote for Amon here. Also one vote to The Flashbulb.

very talented producers:
kink -> acid, house, dub
mendelayev -> everything else

Don’t personally have much time for hiphop, but this stuff is great. MCs talking about the issue rather than themselves.

tried to listen to it, but I honestly prefer the original versions.

classical arrangements can be cool, but trying for example to get rid of Dean Castronovo drums on “Kill the guy with the ball” was really unsuccessful, in my opinion.

Burial is the shiznit!!! Finally some malformed dubsteppish thing I can relate to.
Also would like to add recent finds ‘C-mon & Kypski’ and ‘Bonobo’,
plus ‘Venetian Snares’ as a bonus for anyone who didn’t check that out yet.

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