Please Sing * Instrumental by EatMe

Please Sing by EatMe

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music by EatMe

some rights reserved for info
(CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0

The final song is pitched up and compressed with Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov GE.
Problems arised with using the Ozone Elements spatializer when listening back on headphones, so I did not use that. It removed all the punch and created a big bathroom of sound in which everything was big. Some instrumental tracks have been entered in Renoise, with VSTs KORG Mono/Poly, 2x LennarDigital Sylenth1, for the bass KORG PolySix and AAS LoungeLizard EP, the composition was done in Renoise 3.2.1. Some instrumental tracks come from Band-In-A-Box 2020 (the guitar shots, which is only enabled on beat 2 and 4 because beat 1 and 3 had some kind of hoom-pa-pa line, the piano on some parts enabled, the jazz drums mixed, 2x a kick drum sample, 1x a drum loop with only the high filtered with open hi-hat, a snare roll and a crash cymbal). The song has widely been used in many vocal attempts by… oh no, I just released this. Please sing! on this and send in your vocals


EatMe out


I like it very much.Do you have lyrics or should we add our own?

I don’t have any lyrics… Just humming along?

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Ok what key is it in?

It’s false. It’s pitched up from E minor / C and there is an F minor in the scheme. Although it somehow is in a half-step key.

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