Please Try My New Synth


ive been building sound machenes for android and im just trying out a new sound library.
the tracker i made last year seems to have issues on some devices, so if this synth seems to work ok for people ill update the tracker.
please give it a try and please please let me know if it works for you please.
i cant fix anything if nobody lets me know its broken.

heres the link

heres a pic

Have Fun :)

ok then, just because if you use renoise you must be a good sort.
here is a free download of my latest synth.
it costs you money on google play, here is code v3, the latest version today, for you to have a raz on.
My link

all i need in return is some feedback.
please say anything you want about it, good, bad or whatever.
what would make it better? whats bad?
it will only ever be 1 synth with a sequencer, bluetooth midi scyc is a possibility…

That’s really generous man. If I had an Android gizmo to help you with, I would. :slight_smile:

If you make an iPhone app, let us know.

I don’t have an android device either. And my boss recently blocked access to the Blackberry app market, so if you would have a blackberry app version of it, i could also not have installed it.

cool, i like to support android music devs cause it’s kindof an underserved community (both devs and musicians i guess). At the moment I think sequencing based apps are more practical than instrument apps cause of latency though.

I tried your linked file on my HTC Desire S.
Unfortunately I get no sound. I tried the instructions on the Android page:

But no sound when I click on a note or on start.

Great fun

thanks everyone

did you try switching the on/off checkbox a few times?

Yes, it helped somehow, I am hearing sound :) I am digging into this app more deeply soon :)

I’ve tried turning it on/off several times, but still no sound on my One X.

The screen also turns off sometimes for no apparent reason.

thanks for trying it Sqeetz
try going to prefs > input and set it to none
then turn it off and an again.
btw do you see the synth on google play on your phone? maybe your hardware isnt campatible

im going to add drums very soon to the paid one, some updates to the free one coming up too hehe…