Please Vote For My Entry In A Design Contest

Hey, hey!

I entered in a rather nice design contest, based around a very neat technique for creating non-repeating website background patterns. The contest entry that gets the most re-tweets gets to win an iPad2. And I so much want one! :)

So, please, just drop by here:

…and tweet, tweet, tweet. I was striving for something more minimalistic, more obvious and true to the principle, and more directly usable in various design contexts. Plus, I was naturally striving for something that looks good, which I hopefully have nailed in some way. :)

Cheers, and thanks in advance!

Don’t have Twitter but good luck.

Me neither, but it looks good!

Can’t help you either but it looks great!

I tweeted :)

That’s a nice idea. Was only reading about that Cicada principle a couple of weeks ago. Trying to get my designer colleague to do something as well.

my tweeter is rusting unused, so of course I helped you out.

I like yours, but now I want to create one myself! :D

Retweeted - awesome stuff!

Thanks again subset for the link.
Now here’s my entry, if anyone feels like twittering, it’s “cubes”:

I’m broke, so I’d really appreciate that iPad2, sell it and get me a notebook for renoise everywhere. ;)