pleaseeee linux versionnnn

as the topic said :)

yeh, btw, if there will be renoise for linux, i’ll install linux on my machine :)

just notice that you won’t get much VST/VSTi’s if you will run it on Linux ;)

twilek: that’s right, although there are special linux plugin standards emerging, like LADSPA (?), which I guess could be implemented in an eventual linux version.

My guess is that before a linux port is started, the mac port will be finished. But the outcome of this issue is currently not decided. Does anyone here know when the 2.6 kernel will be released (approx)? The ALSA drivers are included in the unstable 2.5 kernel, I heard. It would be best if this is well established before we begin (eventually).

(I’m starting to like linux too… I reboot in windows almost only for renoise, very unconvenient)

…and note that a linux port after the mac port is finished will be a lot less work, since the mac port results in a lot of restructuring of the code to separate platformspecific parts and ease porting. Also, the mac version will use OpenGL for graphics instead of DirectX, which means very little work on that part for the (eventual) linux port.

just a little question. why not runt the windows version on OpenGL aswell?

twilek: yes, that shouldn’t be much trouble to do. Some graphics drivers might work better with OpenGL, others better with DX. So an option to choose in the windows version would perhaps be nice.

why linux? vst 4 linux??? is linux the upcoming multimedia-os … don’t know … cool webservers with linux but audio … ?!

linux is a stable and powerfull platform not only for webservers but also great for home computers.
The audio support is growing, but is still a bit weak. There are a couple of open plugin formats available (ex LADSPA), but I’m not sure if vst is supported. The next stable linux kernel will officially support ALSA drivers which is a big improvement from the old audio system. All it’s missing then is Renoise…

I’m using linux a lot of the time myself, booting to windows only to use and program Renoise and use Matlab for studies. Now I’ll soon get a linux version of Matlab, which means Renoise is the only reason I still use windows… And there are others like me, the release of a powerful tracker/sequencer like Renoise on linux will very likely be welcomed by a lot of users.

If porting to Linux after you finished the Mac version is not a big problem, I would surely do it. I’ll drop windows in a heartbeat… This is speculation but you might get a lot of new enthousiast who want to participate in further development of Renoise. On the other hand Renoise will be forced to go OpenSource (just kidding :P )