Pleeease: Do Some Minor Pattern Gfx Improvements


I mentioned this before, can you improve the pattern view a bit by adding these features:

  1. OSX Font selector, more sizes, other font types… Now I have to patch the internal renoise font. There are some quite good monospace fonts installed on osx

  2. Scroll wrap option, if scrolling is disabled and the position bar only scrolls, as in Cubase or other audiosoftware. I mean if the position bar is at the end of vertical position the pattern wraps around to the next part of pattern. cool would be maybe some additional parameter for scrolling to realize this: “scroll each x rows”. Now it’s scrolling every line, you could set it to 64 and it would be some how a flexible screen wrap.

  3. Vertical pixel based scrolling while playing, not just row based

I think this could improve the usability a lot with only small effort… :)

Thanks and regards