I release music under the handle Plektron1c on Soundcloud. Here are the music I have released so far. Everything is arranged and mixed in Renoise. I almost exclusively use plugin-instruments.




Interesting music indeed - but it’s smashed to hell here. you might wanna try turning your speakers way up and mixing at that higher volume level. things need to have some room to punch,

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

The reason it sounds “smashed to hell” is because it’s mastered that way on purpose. I agree that a little more room for dynamics generally is a good thing but since it’s pretty much standard to crush all the dynamics to hell in most commercial dubstep these days, the choice basically stands between following that convention or to simply be drowned out by other contemporary dubstep which will sound way louder than your own. That said, I will do my best to achieve a more sane loudness-level in the future (if possible).

Yeah I get the loudness war thing, and maybe my idea of what dubstep/tearout could sound like and still be viable is a little old. Really my opinions on the matter were formed when I was working with Noisa on some game soundtrack stuff. Dubstep has never been my ‘thing’ generally so I’m probably a little out of date :slight_smile:

I really enjoyedOrigin (Remastered). Epic. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyedOrigin (Remastered). Epic. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I had a lot of fun making it :slight_smile: The mixing was quite tricky though - The cellos and screeching dubstep-synths were competing for frequency-space the whole time. I had to do a lot of layering and side-chaining to make them go together like that. I will try smth similar in my next track. Stay tuned!