Plug-in Merger

from a kvr thread


tonight I (accidentially) created a tool that allows merging two (or more) plugins to one. Also the individual GUIs are skipped and a new GUI is created. The merged plugin can be saved as a separate VST, that does not rely on the original VST Plugin or the previous GUI. Thus it is possible to use this tool only to “reskin” existing GUIless plugins. I only warn you to keep legal issues in mind here.

Again everything is available as open source. So if anyone like to enhance this to create yet another SynthEdit/SynthMaker, just do it.

Find the executable plugin merger here

I do not have in mind to develop this further, but I’d like it at least to be bugfree. So anyone who finds a bug (there are probably several still in there), please report here.

Kind regards,

and link to thread…asc&start=0

how does one accidentally create such a tool?

Don’t know but that sounds pretty badass!

yeah i dont know how you accidently creates such a tool,but i think it could be usefull,hope someone else think that too.

i still need to try it out in renoise though :D

Can anyone accidently create a tool to merge VST’s into AU please? I accidently threw Windows out of the window.